Autonomous – Sustainable – R&D Focus


Zen is implementing a decentralized governance model. With no central authority or single point of failure, ZenCash is more resilient than a traditional corporation.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in decision making, which empowers stakeholders and makes ZenCash less susceptible to third party influence.

Sustainable Economics

We believe in changing the world through technology and economic incentives that provide a robust, sustainable ecosystem.

  • 88% to miners
  • 8.5% to one or more DAOs
  • 3.5% to Secure Node Operators

R&D Focus

We consider it a priority to contribute to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem and body of knowledge, so we have multiple active R&D projects in the pipeline with many more planned:

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization Treasury Study
  • Scalability Study
  • Network Stack Anonymization

Our Technology