The Secure & Private Platform For

Money, Messages, & Media

Zen is a platform with the latest privacy technology and a self-sustaining funding model with protocol-level solutions

ZenCash is Public, Private, and Anonymous

Designed for Long-Term Operation

  • 21 million ZenCash cap - no premine, no ICO
  • Thousands of Secure Nodes in operation - 3.5% of mining reward
  • Treasury funds for development, support, marketing - 8.5% of mining reward
  • Strong team & representative governance - Zen Blockchain Foundation
  • Wallets and communication clients for international users
  • Marketing globalization - tailored approach to different markets
  • Secure Nodes provide a resilient, distributed network

With a Focus on Research and Development

Partnered with IOHK, a leading blockchain R&D company

  • Governance and Protocol Level Treasury System
  • Scalability Study
  • Network Stack Anonymization

Private - Secure - Untraceable - Resilient - Minable

Zen aims to lead the technological forefront & contribute to humanity through innovation

Best Privacy Tech

  • zk-SNARKS - Private transactions with hidden sender/receiver information
  • Domain Fronting - Hides internet connection endpoints to prevent censorship
  • IPFS - Publish or access data anonymously via a distributed system

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

  • Allocate resources through the most advanced treasury model designed with the best privacy tech coupled with economic theory

Most Resilient System

Research and Development Focus

  • Protocol-level solutions like DAO, next generation scaling, and more!

Most Secure System

  • ZenCash has node-to-node encryption → 1st to market!


  • Proof-of-work, equihash-based GPU mining


With a deep focus in research and development, our mission is to level the economic playing field through technology.

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Zen uses zk-SNARKS with additional layers of node encryption, domain fronting, and IPFS.

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Total Supply


Circulating Supply


Secure Nodes




ZenCash Launch

  • ZenCash launched on 5.30.17

Core Updates

  • First blockchain with TLS integration (SSL cert for node encryption)
  • Blockchain improvements
  • Replay protection

Wallets and Products

  • Tor ZenCash Nodes
  • Chat messaging
  • Swing Wallet - full blockchain
  • Android Wallet
  • Arizen Wallet - lite blockchain
  • Paper Wallet

Secure Nodes

  • Resilient end-to-end network encryption
  • Payment system for secure node operators

Wallets and Projects

  • Proposal Submission and Voting System GUI
  • iOS Wallet
  • OpenBazaar Integration
  • Operation Radical Transparency
  • Hardware Wallets

Secure Node

  • Secure Node system improvements
  • Secure Node system built into blockchain protocol study

Research and Development

  • DAO Treasury Protocol-level Voting System
  • Scaling study - next generation blockchain solution
  • Domain Fronting
  • ZenPub Protocol-level

Deliver to Market

  • DAO Treasury Protocol-level Voting System
  • Dandelion++ Integration for Network Stack Anonymity
  • Scalability Solution
  • IPFS published on Secure Nodes

White Paper is in revision. Original White Paper is nearly 80% satisfied:

Zen White Paper New Zen White Paper

A Global Team

The ZenCash team is comprised of over 50 members from around the globe

Use Zen

Our goal is to make ZenCash the most useful privacy cryptocurrency on the market!


A crucial way to make ZenCash useful is to integrate with multiple payment systems and merchant services.

Merchant Services Integration

Peer-to-Peer Payments

  • BitCash App integration
  • Zen Wallets Business-to-Business!


These resources will help you better understand the Zen brand and how to properly represent it.



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